September 2008

Mendocino gets a lot of visitors.

Looking down Main Street with the ocean in the distance.

Sandy shopping
Sandy shopping in Mendocino.

Shops surrounded by gardens

A Mendocino shop
Mendocino is pretty laid back.

At a gallery with our friends Shane and Audrey

Water tower
Water towers are everywhere, and are protected as historical structures.

Shane and Audrey's house
This is our friends' house. It is on a cliff overlooking a small cove north of Mendocino.

The new house nextdoor.
Our friends recently built this house next door. They rent it to short term visitors.

View from bathroom
In the new house even the bathroom has a great view.

Houses viewed from the cove
Houses viewed from the cove

Late at night, when the house is very dark, you can see the light from this lighthouse sweep through the rooms.

Abalone hunters
The nearby cove attracts abalone hunters.

On the road
Mendocino County has some of the greatest sports car roads.

Allen with car
Hey, I need to get at least one picture with me in it!