Trek to Ecuador

July 1969

Our flight to Ecuador left from Miami so we first needed to get from California to Florida.
Here is Russ driving the Oldsmobile we used for part of the journey.

Keith, holding a knife in his mouth, stands next to our 1956 Oldsmobile.

Hotel Guayaquil, in Quito
In Quito we stayed at a complete dive called the Hotel Guayaquil (slightly left of center in the photo).

On the street in Quito.

On the street in Quito.

La Plaza Grande
La Plaza Grande, Quito

Steam Engine
Even in 1969 I had never seen a "working" steam engine. Here is one pulling freight.

Street Vendor
A street vendor selling fried bananas.

Rio Napo
The Napo River as seen from the veranda of a house where we stayed.

Rio Napo
Keith, washing his laundry in the Napo River.

Rio Napo
Pedestrians crossed the river by climbing onto a platform suspended from a cable. The platform
was pulled across by a hand powered winch.

Rio Napo
Crossing the Napo River.

Rio Napo
Public Facilities